Tasbuilt Homes are proud to have been selected to construct holiday accommodation units at Naracoopa, King Island

Scheduled to be shipped to King Island on the 2nd of May. . .


Tasbuilt Homes are proud to have been selected to construct the holiday accommodation units at Naracoopa King Island.

Tasbuilt Homes have worked with the owners to establish custom design plans for the units, one of which is fully designed to cater for disability needs. These luxury accommodation units are 1 -2 bedrooms with spacious open living/dining.

The project involves the offsite construction of the two units, shipping of the units to King Island, installing the units on site, including footings, and the construction of a 3 bay shed on site to house the laundry and storage facilities for the site. Tasbuilt is also carrying out the connections of the power, water tanks, and onsite sewer system – essentially a turn key project.

Initial design work started with the owners in September 2013. Tasbuilt developed a site concept and unit layout, in conjunction with the owners requirements and budget. The completed fixed price proposal was presented to the clients in their home in Croyden, Victoria. Shortly afterwards Tasbuilt met the clients on site to discuss the finer details and get the ball rolling. In the following weeks the working drawings were completed and lodged with council, and it all started to become a reality!

A major challenge was adapting one of the units to meet the access requirements set out in the building code. The owners used the opportunity of the larger bathroom to create a more deluxe type cottage, complete with spa and generous master bedroom

Another issue the clients faced was the expensive prospect of transporting furniture for two complete units to King Island, along with all the other bits and pieces that fill a holiday cabin. Again, Tasbuilt was able to work with the client and arrange the items to be delivered to our factory in Westbury, where they will be stored in a designated container until they can be loaded in the units just prior to shipment.

The units are scheduled to be shipped to King Island on the 2nd of May. Watch this space!


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