How to build an affordable modular home

Affordable and modular is something that can certainly be achieved. Read on and we’ll show you how!

As traditional homes are evolving, so are modular homes. From sizing to layout to external finishes, so many things are changing. What is also changing is the cost of living, and we understand if you feel hesitant and apprehensive to start going down the path of a new home build. While we can’t control these factors, we can say that modular homes are considered a more cost-effective home option.

We have explained below how to build an affordable modular home that gives you everything you want in your home.

Long term savings

Modular homes are more energy efficient than traditional homes. That’s why, in the long run, you’ll be saving on your energy bills. Building 80% of the home in a quality-controlled factory means that all measures can be taken to ensure a fully sealed home, at a competitive price due to bulk and more controlled buying. Here at Tasbuilt, we use quality insulation, in the floor, walls and roof, which results in an extremely well-insulated home that is energy efficient.

Reduced construction time

Building 80% of the home in the factory makes for a far quicker construction time. Constructing the bulk of the home in one spot means that money and time aren’t spent on getting workers to multiple locations. As they’re constructed in a controlled environment, it also means that construction isn’t impacted by weather. No matter what the weather brings, our homes can still keep moving ahead, and won’t be delayed by weather.

Fixed price contracts

At Tasbuilt, we offer fixed-price contracts, which is definitely the best way to go considering the current, ever-changing housing market. Having a fixed-price contract means that there are no unexpected costs during the build. By choosing to go modular, it means that you can be certain about how much your new home will cost you, and you don’t have to be watching out for unexpected price jumps. Overall, this makes for a much more reassuring and cost-effective solution.

They’re just three of the most simple and easy ways to achieve an affordable modular home. Obviously, there are many other things that you can do to make your modular home build more affordable, and Tasbuilt are willing to give you a hand to build your affordable home.

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