2022…. Goodbye & Thank You!!

The team at Tasbuilt Homes would like to say a special thank you to all our clients and suppliers for their support throughout 2022.

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2022 has continued to be a challenge with everyone learning to live with Covid and with the economy still uncertain. Tasbuilt like most businesses in the industry has had its own unique challenges this year with price rises on materials increasing rapidly and with labour and material shortages.

We’ve also seen a business restructure and with the dedicated team while challenging this has been a smooth transition.

So with our team of true champions and increased determination, we’ve come out to the other side of another exciting year! Our team has completed many amazing projects and enjoyed meeting and working with some amazing people. We have proven again that Tasmania is one of the most fortunate places in the world both to live and to work.

From all of us at Tasbuilt, we wish you a safe and happy holiday period and all the best for the new year.


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