Forgotten about the landscaping for your new home?...Let us give you a hand!

You have finally got into the house of your dreams, and suddenly you’ve realised that you haven’t factored in the landscaping …help!!


Don’t despair….let Tasbuilt's experts give you some great ideas to get started!

While landscaping is often the after-thought, or the thing that gets culled from the budget during the build it can have a huge effect to how your house looks and ultimately feels! … so even if you do it in bite sized chunks as you save up, it will definitely pay big dividends in the long run.

So….not a green thumb, but want to make a start….you don’t have to pay a fortune to a landscape designer (just to have him step onto your block!) …why not take a plan and some pics along to your local nursery – they have a wealth of information and will be more than willing to help you pick exactly what you need

A job half planned is a job half done

Take the time to prep your soil to start with – this could be the difference between a thriving, healthy beautiful landscape, to one that quickly wilts a dies. Make sure your drainage is A1 and your soil is aerated and not tightly compacted. Think about things like nutrients and compost for garden and veggie beds. If you have decided on turf, you will need a good layer of healthy top soil…

Mulch, mulch, mulch

For an immediate and satisfying well-finished look to your garden, try mulch. Pine bark is a great option, as it looks neat and will complement any new home and garden setting. It also provides protection against weeds, prevents soil erosion and even helps with drainage

Make sure your plants feel at home

Don’t just pick the plants you like, and think looks great – pick from the head, rather than the heart because it can be a total waste of money in the long run, and your garden will certainly wear the cost! If your in an area where natives do well, look at your options with natives. Don’t go for some exotic sub tropical plant if you have a lot of frosts, and dark bleak cold days…. If you are unsure, always ask the green-thumb in the family or your local nursery for advice.

Just add grass

Laying turf is quick and easy, and if your on a limited budget, a really great option to get that ‘finished home’ look, and the kids will certainly love it!! It can be laid anytime of year, and like your new Tasbuilt home was an instant installation, so will your tuft be! The most vital and important thing to remember here, is lay it as soon as it arrives – its really crucial it isn’t allowed to dry out. So lay as soon as it arrives on your block, then give it water straight away, and a lush green lawn will be yours in no time!!

Be realistic

You might have all the best intentions of the world, and want to most gorgeous garden scape in the neighbourhood, but if you are not a keen gardener this isn’t likely to work! Be realistic with your time, ability and general ‘green-thumb’ personality, because if you can’t’ see yourself tending a garden on the week-end, or just don’t have time to show your garden much love, a low maintenance lot of shrubs and plants that basically look after themselves are the best option….of course, if you’re a retiree, with time on your hands and love pottering in the garden, go for the most beautiful garden you can imagine…and you and your plants will both have a happy life!!


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