Do Modular Homes come with plumbing and electrical?

Let us unpack the yes, no and maybe of plumbing & electrical for you!

The majority of modular homes come with the necessary electrical and plumbing. However, the necessary services may differ depending on several factors including things like location or climate. Since modular homes are factory-built and every module is 75-80% complete before the assembling of the house on-site, all wiring and pipes are installed within the structure during the manufacturing process in the factory.

Once the house is assembled on-site, the contractor teams can begin to connect all electrical, plumbing and other services to the on-site utilities.

Modular homes in comparison to on-site built homes have a great advantage; since they are built in a controlled factory environment, wiring and piping are simplified, cleaner and safer. However, this method can also be a disadvantage since every module is joined and assembled on site - some tubes, pipes and ducts may not be easy to connect to each other once they are in place.

It is important to make sure you have a clear understanding and line of communication between yourself and your modular builder, especially related to the intricacies of things like plumbing and electrical to avoid sudden costs you weren’t expecting or finishes etc that you didn’t ask for or want.

At Tasbuilt Homes, clients have a lot of these questions answered during the ‘décor selection’ process and you can discuss things like wastewater systems through to light switch placements with our friendly team. You will also be put in touch with our electrical and plumbing contractors to finalise the finer points of these decisions.


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