The colours everyone will be talking about in 2018

As 2018 quickly approaches, it's time to discuss which colour trends will define the year to come.

It's time to discuss what colour trends will define the year to come.

Black as a statement colour

Black should be treated as a neutral this year, considering it complements nearly any theme or colour palette. From black floors to black chandeliers, it is the perfect way to add some drama to your space for 2018.

Simple Pastels

2018 is ready to give way to a new simple palette. Soft, washed pastels like mint greens and sandy pinks will totally reimagine simple modern designs in the coming year.

Pink as a power colour

Pink evokes so many feelings that everyone can relate to, making for the perfect mood-enhancing paint colour.

Vibrant Yellows and Greens

Filling your home with vibrant colours shouldn’t be considered as a design risk and in 2018 it won’t be. In their playful colour scheme, you will find shades like vibrant yellow and lime that will bring you a childlike joy. Design doesn’t always have to be so serious.



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