We will help with options for your new home

Our Team works with you!


At Tasbuilt, its all about you and your home. There are countless selections you can make to add your style and your signature. Remember, its those finer details that will set your home apart.


Design your dream kitchen with the help of our professional & experienced kitchen suppliers. The layout, design & materials are all your very own choice. Options include down-lights, bulkheads, stone bench-tops & more.


Whether you select our standard range of fittings or choice your own. Your bathroom or ensuite doesn’t need to be a dreary, cramped room at the back of your house. A Tasbuilt bathroom is crisp, light & spacious.

Sub-floor skirting

Filling in the underside to ground level gives your home a truly finished appeal. Skirting is available in many styles, and painting and an access door are included.

Decks & Verandas

Think of barbeques on the long summer evenings, or a spot to unwind and enjoy a cool drink on a hot day. Your outdoor area could be cosy, wrap-around verandah for the family, a huge open deck to fit a crowd, or somewhere just bug enough to sit and watch the world go by. A Tasbuilt deck is solidly constructed and all exposed timbers are painted or stained. A variety of balustrade options are available to complement the style of your new home.



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