Product feature – vertical timber cladding

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Vertical timber cladding is an architectural finish that is taking the residential market by storm, and Tasbuilt are pleased to offer a range of products within this popular style. Timber cladding beautifully complements the modular style of our homes, and looks great either on its own or in combination with a range of other architectural claddings.

Below are three popular options that Tasbuilt have provided on recent projects:

Weathertex Weathergroove Natural

A reconstituted board cladding that gives the look of vertical timber panelling but has the advantage of being installed in full sized sheets. The manufacturing process eliminates some of the natural variations that you get in a more ‘genuine’ vertical timber board. This product can be oiled or varnished, and is a cost effective solution to achieving a vertical timber effect. You can find out more about this product here

Urbanline Euro Selekta Clad

This cladding is a completely ‘no maintenance’ solution for clients looking to achieve the vertical timber solution without the work that goes along with maintaining it. This cladding comes in a range of pre-finished colours, and looks great in combination with other architectural finishes. You can find out more about this product here

Blackbutt Shiplap cladding

This is a genuine milled hardwood cladding that complies with the bushfire ratings in most areas of Tasmania. While genuine timber requires more maintenance than the other more processed options, the finished option looks amazing, as you can see on this recently completed accommodation project in Derby.


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