What is a steel chassis?

Building jargon can be confusing – learn from the experts!

Dave Groves Photography Tasbuilt Factory 25

At Tasbuilt our modular homes are built on an engineered welded steel floor frame, which we refer to as a steel chassis. This strong steel frame is an integral feature of the structural integrity of your new home. Being made from large steel beams called Universal Beams (or UB’s) and steel joists, the frame provides the strength needed to ensure your home is solidly braced both for the transport and delivery process, and for the lifetime of your home once it is onsite.

The steel chassis is fastened to steel piers on your site using a bolted cleat system, to ensure your home is securely connected to the site. Sloping sites may require taller piers with additional cross bracing for stability. Sites that are close to coastal environments may also require additional corrosion protection such as hot dip galvanising to protect the steel frame.

Tasbuilt Homes include rigid polystyrene insulation clipped between the steel floor joists to maximise the energy efficiency of your home. Chipboard flooring is glued and screwed to the metal floor joists, completing a strong, durable and efficient floor structure for your new home.


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