Prebuilt- the best option for building a house

It is the great Australian dream- to own our own homes, on our own piece of land...

Prebuilt – the best option for building a house

It is the great Australian dream - to own our own homes, on our own piece of land. While modern life has altered our lifestyle in many ways, this dream still rings true for Australian families today. Whether it is a suburban home on a serviced block, or a country home on acreage, every Australian aspires to own their own piece of property. At Tasbuilt, we are proud to be building this dream for so many Tasmanian families

Bought, built, or rented

The first decision is the choice of buying, building or renting a home, and there are of course many considerations for each option. Many people do not realise if they built a house the repayments would be very little more than the rental payments you already make, whilst bringing you closer to owning your own home.

We are often asked, should I buy or build a house. We believe that buying an existing property will always be a compromise. Through our years of building for clients throughout Tasmania, it is clear that almost every new home owner loves to customise their home. It is a great part of our job working with clients to develop their own ideas, whether it is modern home options, traditional home façade ideas, or even totally new building concepts, building a home gives you an opportunity to bring these dreams to life

House prices will of course be a consideration if you are looking at buying a finished house. It is important to remember that building a home means you only pay stamp duty on your land value, whereas if you buy an existing home, you will pay stamp duty on the full value of the home. This is a significant saving that is not immediately apparent when comparing building costs to costs of other new homes

Your Tasbuilt custom-built home is complete with a 12 month maintenance warranty and a 10 year structural guarantee. This is another significant saving not shown in the basic sale value. Consider the maintenance costs that could arise in the first 12 months of owning a pre-exisitng home with no warranty! Or imagine the cost and headache if there was a structural failure in your home even up to 10 years after you bought it! At Tasbuilt, as professional builders with a strong reputation for quality homes, we take this anxiety and additional cost out of owning your own home

So why Pre-built?

Prebuilt homes are also known as modular homes, prefabricated homes, park homes, eco-homes, or mobile homes. They are not kit-homes. A kit home is delivered in a container, and then the new home owner is responsible to arrange the construction, coordinate builders, tradesmen, suppliers and council application process. At Tasbuilt we handle the entire building process from application stage through to completion of the home

In many ways modular homes are no different to site-built homes. But they are superior. By prebuilding a significant portion of your home in our specialised facility we are able to provide better quality control, better cost control, and better security than building a conventional home.

Because your home is built indoors it is built faster, which reduces the amount of rent you need to pay whilst waiting for your new home

As we handle the entire project we provide a fixed price building contract, and we have a strict variations policy which ensures you have no unexpected costs at the end of your new home project

Our modular home designs are fully flexible and we encourage people to customise their designs to suit your own requirements and building location. Modular home options are as extensive as a site-built home. Why not visit our impressive display home in Westbury to see for yourself

Tasbuilt Homes are different to other prefabricated houses. Our homes have extensive insulation, come standard with double glazed windows, include a range of environmentally friendly products, and are built to a high standard of quality. Our homes incorporate high pitched roofs, high ceilings, decorative cornices, and wide verandahs. Modular homes were once a quick, budget alternative, but with our new range of modular home designs we have developed beautiful homes that will reflect you and your lifestyle, and will make a statement for years to come

Tasbuilt Homes is proud of our reputation for building quality homes in Tasmania. Contact us today and see the difference for yourself!


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