Building Surveyors

Who They Are and Why You Need Them

Whether you’re buying a house, building a new home, or carrying out home renovations, building surveyors are one of the professionals you need to have on your team to ensure that your project goes off without a hitch.

A surveyor should be one of the first people you need to consult before starting work on any project because of their experience and expertise.

As trusted builders of quality lifestyle homes across Tasmania, we handle the council application process for you, as part of our hassle-free building process.

While we can manage the whole process for you, understanding the function of building surveyors will help you comprehend the council application process better. That’s why in this article, we have outlined for you what exactly building surveyors do and why their services are needed for both home and building construction.

What Are Building Surveyors?

Building surveyors are trained professionals who are in charge of ensuring that a building is in good condition, accessible and in compliance with various building regulations. They do this by inspecting structures or assessing building plans, interpreting and enforcing building laws and regulations, and providing permits or approval for construction and occupancy.

In some countries, specifically in Australia and Britain where building surveying is a recognised profession, individuals or companies that seek to undertake building surveying work need to be registered, properly insured and have extensive knowledge on building legislation, construction standards and technical codes to be able to practise the profession.

When Are the Services of a Building Surveyor Needed?

The tasks and duties performed by surveyors are diverse and encompass many aspects of building and construction. Their services are required in:

  • Purchasing a property – For those who are buying a property, calling on an expert building surveyor for a comprehensive pre-purchase survey or inspection is essential to help you make sure that your investment is truly worth the cost. They can verify the condition of existing structures, uncover and investigate defects and provide advice regarding repair and maintenance.
  • Building a new home – Homeowners and builders are required to obtain a permit before beginning with the construction of a new home. A building surveyor will issue a permit once it has been verified that the building plans are in accordance with established building legislation and codes of practices, and that building practitioners and respective subcontractors are appropriately licenced and insured. They will then monitor and carry out inspections throughout the build – from the foundation through to the completion of the home – to ensure that proper methods, techniques, tools and materials are used.
  • Alterations and renovations – In Australia, residents need to commission surveyors and secure a permit when they decide to make significant alterations or renovations to their home. These renovations or additions include, but are not limited to, swimming pools, sheds, pergolas, garages and fences. Building surveyors also provide assistance to homeowners and builders when proceeding with any renovation to ensure that potential problems or hazards can be avoided.
  • Preserving a building – Building surveyors may also give advice on how best to preserve and maintain historic structures, such as ancestral homes or listed buildings. They can conduct inspections to assess the building’s condition and determine safety risks, and then recommend possible solutions and remedial work.

Building surveyors do more than just grant building permits – they make sure that home and property owners enjoy some peace of mind by guaranteeing that their home is structurally safe and sound. That’s why we at Tasbuilt make sure to engage the services of an experienced building surveyor when building durable, top-quality homes in throughout Tasmania.

Tasbuilt always strives to provide you with the ideal home to suit your taste and needs. Book an appointment with one of our friendly consultants, or contact us by phone or email today for more information.



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