Choosing the right bathroom vanity for your new modular home

There is lots to consider when choosing bathroom accessories, let the experts help you!

Décor selection is one of the most daunting yet most exciting phases of building you new modular home. At Tasbuilt we are constantly developing ways to better showcase the options you can choose from, to ensure the selection process is both streamlined and enjoyable.

Bathroom vanities are a key part of the décor in any bathroom. Choosing the right vanity can take your bathroom from something boring to something that makes a statement.

Some of the options to consider are:


If you like a minimalist style a crisp white vanity might be the right fit for you. Other popular options include timber grain finishes, or bold statement colours to create a real wow

The Basin

Basin vessels that sit above the vanity top are a popular option for a modern edgy look. If low fuss, easy clean is more your style a basin that is integrated into the vanity top will probably b e a better option

The Tap

We love the new style matt black tapware, but there are literally hundreds of options to choose from. Choose a tap that not only looks great but feels great and comfortable to use

Wall Mounted or Floor Mounted

Traditional floor mounted style vanities are a timeless look, but in modern bathrooms the wall mounted option is all the rage. By having your vanity ‘floating’ on the wall you can create a greater sense of airiness and space, even in a smaller bathroom

There are so many other options to consider – single or double bowl, cabinet an top materials, matching mirror and storage cabinets…the list goes on. Whatever your preference, every bathroom deserves to have some thought and planning put into choosing the right type of vanity to suit the space – too large and it will overpower the room, too small and it will look lost and lose much of its usefulness.

Tasbuilt can assist with every aspect of planning and designing your new home. Contact us today to find out more.

Your bathroom vanity can become the centerpiece of your spaces.


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