Building with a million dollar view?

Read on for our top tips on the best way to maximize it!

If you’re fortunate enough to be building your new modular home on a block with a view, maximise this great feature in every way, you won’t regret it!! Spectacular scenery will not only add value to your property, importantly, it also significantly enhances the enjoyment of your new home.

However, homes that perfectly capture their surroundings don’t just happen. There are some key design elements that when incorporated, will greatly enhance your views, lifestyle and value of your home. Read on to find out our best tips to maximise your stunning landscape.

1. Your Choice of Design

When choosing your modular home design it’s essential to select a floor plan that suits your lifestyle, family and design tastes first and foremost. On top of this, if you’re surrounded by beautiful scenery, you should look for a home that allows you to enjoy the views from both inside and out.

Consider a design with plenty of windows in the rooms you frequent most such as the living zone and bedrooms. On top of this, the option to include an outside space such as a decking or alfresco is a must. Think about elevating your home and using underneath for storage or car parking – Tasbuilt’s subframe and steel pier structure are ideal for elevated homes on sloping blocks – something a lot of conventional builders would shy away from!

2. The Position of Your Home

Next, look closely at the positioning of your home on the block. This includes both where your home will be situated and the direction it will face. Our team will provide advice and guidance about the best site position that factors in not only the view, but also other site conditions and constraints including things like block slope, existing etc. Tasbuilt’s team of sales consultants are always out and about, and more than happy to call by and give advice on prospective blocks to help your decision.

3. Windows and Decking

The obvious way to capture views is through well-positioned windows and decking and again our team can offer advice on how to achieve the best outcome for your block. In general, you’ll want to put a focus on the rooms you frequent most. Be sure to include an outdoor space where you can sit and soak it in too.

As specialist modular builders, at Tasbuilt we understand the challenges presented by sloping block homes and can apply our expertise to ensure a successful outcome. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much you can potentially save in comparison to an on-site build and the outcome will be a stronger, more durable, high quality home that looks like it has been custom designed and built on site.

Reach out to our team of home consultants today, we’d love to help your dream become a reality!


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