The best in flooring the look!

Tasbuilt think your flooring decisions are so important....we've decided to share our five favourite options with you...


Vinyl planks

Vinyl planks are fast becoming one of the most popular flooring options for new homes being built in Tasmania. Vinyl planks offer a more forgiving surface than harder products such as tiles and timber, making them a warm, comfortable and safe option. This durable, low maintenance, and affordable product is a great flooring option for young families, indoor pet lovers, or just about anyone looking for a realistic timber effect without breaking the bank


Travertine floor tiles is one of the oldest floor coverings in existence, and is guaranteed to make a statement in your new home. Travertine is a natural product so it does have some specific constraints, but is a beautiful, timeless, and durable product. Use this product to give wow to your entry, kitchen or living areas, or add an air of luxury to your bathrooms. Travertine is available in a range of subdued earthy colours such as beige, brown and tan, with a natural unique swirls through each tile. Careful sealing of this product on completion will ensure it stays looking great for years to come


Carpet is a favourite floor covering choice for builders in Tasmania, for bedrooms and other areas where its comfort, warmth and sound insulation properties are most beneficial. While pure wool carpets are considered the best quality there are a number of blended options that combine wool and synthetic materials to provide a carpet that is durable, easy to care for, and reasonably priced. Patterned carpets can create a stylish traditional atmosphere in a formal lounge room environment. Remember lighter carpet colours will show spills and stains more so than darker coloured carpets


A traditional hardwood varnished timber floor is a warm looking, traditional finish that will fit with almost any décor. Advantages of a hardwood timber floor include the genuine appearance of real timber, the ability to repolish over the years as required, and they are warmer than a tiled floor. Many of our clients are opting for a floating timber floor, which are thinner than genuine floor boards and laid over a special underlay. The advantages of a floating floor over a genuine timber floor include the price tag, the fact it can be more adaptable for different areas of the home, faster to install, and a wider range of styles and colour selections

Bamboo Floating floor

A bamboo floating floor is similar to a timber floating floor but is overlaid with reconstituted bamboo. Bamboo is fast and easy to grow, which makes bamboo products a sustainable option over against traditional timbers. It is also a very hard product, making bamboo floors extremely resilient over many years of use. If you are building on the East Coast, use a lime washed coloured bamboo floor to create an airy, beachy atmosphere in your new home

Tasbuilt Homes will take care of your entire project from council application through to the floor coverings. That is what makes us different to other kit home builders and builders in Tasmania. If you are looking for builders in Hobart area, or builders in Launceston, Devonport or Burnie areas, contact Tasbuilt today for more information on how we can help


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