Wanting to build but can't sell your existing home?

Let Tasbuilt help you...


Most people have already decided on a home the minute they step in the door. That is, they know whether or not they want to buy it, without having even seen the entire home!!

Find out what we have discovered really helps to make sure people want to buy your home straight away!!

  • Ask your agent who the target market is likely to be. Are they from a particular group?
  • Present your home to suit your objective market. Put yourself in their shoes to understand their needs - eg. Retirees often seek a low maintenance garden, where as growing families are looking for spacious homes...
  • Attend to cracked or faded paintwork, pest damage, unsafe electrical wiring, broken windows etc and do fence pickets need straightening or repairing?...Anything that deters buyers.
  • Table tops, bench tops, couches, shelves, the floor... every surface needs to be cleared of personal belongings, leaving only a few ornamental pieces. The absence of clutter will focus on the beauty of the home and gardens.
  • A clean home shows its been loved. It also helps buyers 'move in' psychologically.
  • Home cooking adds a pleasing touch; try baking some scones or bread prior to an 'open' home to make the home smell inviting.
  • Have some soft, soothing music playing in one of the front rooms so it can be heard as people approach your front door.
  • Styling plays a crucial role. Positioning appropriately sized furniture and accessories can illustrate spaciousness and openness.
  • Prospective buyers often do a 'drive by'. This is the intial, in-person impression they have of your home. You won't often get a second chance!
  • Bathrooms & kitchens can have more impact on value than almost any other room. Superficial enhancements will add value without the expense.
  • Well planned outdoor space will add value to your property. Make sure they're highlighted in the pictures and plans.
  • Minor works such as refurbishing the old shed into a living/work space can deliver big profits.


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