A Guide To Outdoor Furniture

Find out about the trends in 'outdoor living' for 2019!


Outdoor areas are becoming an extension to our living rooms and the distinction between indoor and outdoor areas are becoming less. But, to get the ultimate enjoyment out of an outdoor area, you’ll need stylish & functional furniture to go with it

This year outdoor furniture stockists and stylists are promoting modern furniture with a vintage hue, timeless neutrals and subtle details.

Summer is here and what better time is there to enjoy the great outdoors. An outdoor area for homes has become a must, whether it’s having family around for a barbecue, catching up with friends over a drink or simply lounging in the sun with a good book. After all, staying in is the new going out!

Low Slung Seating:

We’re moving away from the proper sit round outdoor dining settings and moving more towards the comfy seating. You can mix it up, have a couple of low-slung seating options for younger ones, with a couple of upright sofas for the elders who tend to want to sit more upright.

Colour Trends:

Neutral colour scheme with a splash of colour is set to be the rage for 2019. A neutral colour scheme is timeless, looks clean and creates a relaxing mood. Adding a splash of colour can be as simple as a scattering of colourful cushions along your sofas, a rug or putting out a couple of pot plants.

Mixed Materials:

According to Rohan Smith, senior interior designer at Coco Republic, he says “2019 will offer up unexpected and exciting material combinations, combinations of materials such as timber, rope, metal and upholstery are popular this year.”

Many of the outdoor table options this year consist of chunky wooden frames with concrete or stone tops.

Versatile & Lightweight:

Outdoor living areas are becoming a space that can be used for not only entertaining, but somewhere for the kids to play on a rainy day, exercise, hanging out washing and the list goes on. To accommodate, there’s plenty of lightweight furniture available. If you need furniture you can move easily, go for a powder coated aluminium option, they are low maintenance, rust resistance and can look extremely trendy

Trendy Comfort:

Last but not least, don’t forget about the fine detail. Comfort matters in outdoor areas. For friends and family to truly relax, they need somewhere to put feet up and drinks down. When purchasing furniture, consider matching ottomans. A couple of side tables are a necessity as well, these can be used as a place for drinks, along with décor to set the mood. Add a couple of magazines and an outdoor lantern, these little things count and will be the making of your outdoor area in 2019!


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