Dinner In The Sky

Launching in Tasmanian on the eve of the Taste...

Dinner in the Sky - a global phenomenon is launching in Tasmanian on the eve of the Taste!!

Tastings in the Sky - December 27th & 28th Hobart Waterfront.

Dinner in the Sky is hosted at a height of approximately 50 meters, suspended by a crane installed by a team of accredited professionals. The table seats 22 guests who are served by a guest chef.

Tasbuilt are proud to be involved in this exciting launch by building and supplying the onsite kitchen.

Our kitchen will be used by the Guest Chef and the hospitality team who will provide meals for the 22 guests (per ride) who are served from the centre of the table up in the sky!!

Oysters in the Sky, Sparkling Brunch, Tassal Tasmanian Salmon Dinners in the Sky and Lark Whisky in the Sky are just some of the elevations on sale now... from the highest vantage point on the waterfront!!

Visit www.dinnerintheskytasmania.com.au to get more information and book your tickets for this exciting launch!!


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