A Guide to Interiors For 2018

The Must-Have Tips for Tasmanian Interiors...

The Patterned Appeal

Sumptuous interiors and rich patterns of the Ottoman Empire. The rich shades of the Australian summer landscape, burnt orange, ochre, red…. Hand-painted tiles, rich velvets, metallic highlighted fabrics- the beauty of a by-gone era.

Let Nature Impress Your Senses…

Marble and granite – the beautiful statement pieces of nature. Pebbles and shells – bringing the sea in all its beauty into your home.

A Minimalistic Look

The uncomplicated and easy feel of pared back and neutral. Creams, caramels, golds and the bronze of the Australia desert, hints of soft blue …the colours of our great land… Natural light, gossamer soft sheers, crumbled linens, the feel of soft easy comfort

Tailored Living

Bold uses of colour and architectural lighting, a work of art rather than a necessity. Accessories minimal, but statement pieces – think opulent studded chairs, rich velvets, rose gold, floor to ceiling mirrors…

Leather – The Look of Luxury

Leather furniture, wall hangings, works of art – the beautiful smell of leather, the coolness to the touch…no other natural material moves us like leather. Create a feminine or masculine feel to a space, a contemporary sleekness or timeless aesthetic…


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