A guide to the perfect kitchen design

2019 is making kitchen design an interesting space...

A guide to kitchen design

2019 kitchen design trends have now landed! And like the general life of life in 2019, there are some different looks ahead… so stay tuned!

Think European – what’s going on in the fashion houses of Milan – these trends are based on what Europe was embracing last year, so as usual in Australia we are a season behind.


2019 is all about the ‘de-clutter’ – after all, who hasn’t heard of Marie Kondo?? The idea is to completely clear the zone so that the permanent ‘fixtures’ are the show-stoppers.

Countertops cleared, so lets get back to the basics, so crazy pendant lights are out, cabinetry handles are gone…less is so much more!!

A trend that’s taken the European design centres by storm is cladding cabinetry door fronts with porcelain….so keep an eye on the Aussie market for this one – coming soon!

The less visually chaotic and loud might be a direct reflection of our lives being busy, busy, busy….. home needs to be a haven of quiet, calm…less…..


Nature is also a place of calm, serenity…. The loud colours, bells and whistles removed to make way for darker timbers, and warmer tones, burnt orange, deep & warm blues ..colours that reflect our wide and lovely country, and are getting back to our baser more natural side…the clinical all-white coldness is phasing out!

To counteract and balance out the darker wood tones, glass will be a prominent feature.

Windows over sinks are in - think a transparent splashback to blur the lines between indoors and out…

Greenery on benchtops is also the ‘in-thing’ – creating that indoors and out blurring again…making a feature of an indoor herb collection…this gives the zone a relaxed and healthy, green-garden inspiration…


One of the other 2019 kitchen design trends to come out of Milan was a move toward rusticity… kitchens with a more earthy vibe.

Think cabinetry featured timber with an exposed wood grain…chocolate browns, beige and greys…like a warm Italian nonna’s hug…creating a space like coming home after a long day..

Wide wooden floor planks, wood ceiling beams, time-worn wood cabinets — all of these wonderful wooden elements bring nature and rustic warmness to your space…


The gadgets of the future are taking the world by storm, and kitchen design in 2019 is no exception!

Appliances will be integrated into work surfaces. So rather than seeing the stovetop, for example, each hotplate will be built directly into the countertop. It makes for a kitchen that feels less clunky. Think seamless and streamlined…LED lighting innovations, …remote access to your appliances.

Smart device users can now receive notifications from their oven when the cooking is completed and also have their morning coffee ready to go when they wake up.

They no longer need to be home to turn on the oven…and can have tea cooked when they walk in the door!

2019 sure looks an interesting place to be in the tech space of kitchen design!


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