5 reasons you should seriously consider moving to Tasmania..

Feeling like that tree-change will have to happen soon to save your sanity??! …. read on, we have the ideal answer! Try Tasmania, the ‘jewel in Australia’s crown’!

Gowrie park 025

Affordable Living

Tasmania is still by far the cheapest state in Australia to buy property. Why not sell in the suburbs, buy a beautiful home on lifestyle block in Tasmania, and have enough to put away for that cruise you and your wife have always dreamed of…or add to your retirement nest egg…. Seriously, what’s not to love??

Shorter Commute Times

Driving 10 minutes to work, or a school run that now takes 15 minutes instead of 45, gives you so much more time for the things in life that matter – family, friends, the garden…. Traffic jams are practically unheard of in our lovely island – imagine that!! Many people move to Tasmania and manage to keep their mainland job and work online, so this gives even more flexibility for the country lifestyle you have always yearned!

Spectacular Scenery

If you are into nature, Tasmania has hundreds of beautiful places for you to visit and many are just a day trip away. If you love beaches, ours are amongst the world’s most beautiful and often you will have them all to yourself….

Small Town Communities

Tasmanians are known as warm and friendly bunch, happy to help a fellow Tasmanian or a mainland ‘newbie’ that needs to learn their way around… Tasmanians love community – so join a garden club, visit the village markets, find a local walking group – suddenly life will have so much more meaning…you will feel a sense of belonging that isn’t possible in the big cities.


Although most people think it is always cold here, it’s really not…our summers are mostly temperatures in the 20’s and 30’s and with daylight savings it’s not dark until 9.30pm so we have much longer days to enjoy the nice weather. Tasmanian twilight is to die for… long balmy evenings in Tasmanian are simply a way of life. Yes, it’s colder in winter which doesn’t suit everyone, rug up and enjoy looking at the snow-capped mountains….get a wood fire going….enjoy a campfire toasting marshmallows in the crisp winter air…. How idyllic!!

We know we’ll see you soon!!


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