6 Ways To Help Small Businesses In A Period Of Uncertainty

Tasbuilt support and appreciate small business, it’s the back-bone of society! Learn how you too can help them out … you’ll be amazed!

Photo by Tim Mossholder

Buy Gift Cards

Purchasing gift cards for your favourite shop is an immediate way to put cash into the business – they get their cash today, and you’ll be able to shop later!

Shop Local

Keep the doors open on your local pharmacies, supermarkets and restaurants – and keep your local shopping precinct functioning and happy

More and more businesses are going online, so you might not ever have to venture out to give them a helping hand – we’re all in this together!!

Order In

More and more food businesses are using delivery platforms like Uber Eats – so keep your local Indian restaurant going and just get it delivered!

And if you’re not in quarantine, open the door and thank your driver and give him a tip to make him smile!

Sharing Is Caring

Drop positive comments on your local businesses social platforms – share any post that resonates – it will all help

Help a Friend

Have elderly friends or family? Keep them safe by running their errands for them, and shopping locally for their fresh produce, milk etc.

That not only helps them, but their local supermarkets – a win-win all round!!

Time on Your Hands

Working from home – and time up your sleeve??... why not offer to help out a local business?... even just calling in with a coffee and some encouragement will do wonders!


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