What are the pros and cons of a wraparound verandah on your new Tasbuilt Home?

Verandahs make a statement on a country home....let us explain how they can work for you..


A wraparound verandah is a great addition to many of our designs, and is a favourite feature on homes like the Kensington and Wineglass. There are a few pros and cons you should consider when including a wraparound verandah on new homes in Tasmania

The Pros

Wrap around verandas have great street appeal, particularly on a traditional country style home. These sort of homes look the part on the rural and semi-rural sites that are so popular throughout Tasmania. Little features like double posts and decorative balustrades and trimmings can make your verandah a true work of art. But there is much more to these verandas than just looking great. A wrap around verandah can provide outdoor access for multiple rooms in your home, including the bedrooms. Our Sheridan design has French doors opening from every bedroom, as well as 3 sets of French doors through the living area. The wraparound also provides multiple viewing points around your home, a great feature if you have views in many directions. And of course, it means you can always find a spot in the sun, and you have plenty of great areas for relaxing or entertaining!

So what’s not to love about the timeless wraparound verandah? Well, there are a few things to consider before you decide if this is for you (don’t worry, if your heart is set on the wraparound verandah, there are some easy ways to overcome these problems through good planning and design)…

The Cons

A wrap around verandah of any size can work against the sunlight coming into your home. While this is beneficial in the warmer northern states (after all they originated in Queensland), in Tasmania it is beneficial to maximise the solar access to your home. It may be a good idea to consider having panels of clear or translucent roofing in your verandah to allow the sunlight into your home. From our experience, for this reason, a wraparound verandah can negatively impact the energy rating of your home. This can be overcome again by having some clear roofing, or by increasing your insulation in other areas to compensate. Finally, a poorly designed verandah can result in dead spaces, or areas of the verandah that rarely get used. Think about how your verandah will be used, and where your steps, entry points, and best sitting areas will be located

Lots to think about? Make an appointment today to sit with one of our experienced design team to discuss your plans for your new home in Tasmania. We would love to help!


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