A guide to designing a laundry just for you!

Almost every home we build includes a laundry of some description. And almost every laundry is different.

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1 Brickbond Tiles in Laundry at Ranelagh Home
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laundry fit out with glass door

Almost every home we build includes a laundry of some description. And almost every laundry is different. For some, the laundry appliances are best incorporated into the kitchen cabinetry, or behind a set of sliding doors. This space saving, economical laundry configuration is known as a ‘European laundry.’

However, if you are looking for a laundry with a bit more space, Tasbuilt can help you design and build the perfect laundry, customised to suit your own requirements. Popular features for laundries like these include;

Bench Space

Plenty of room to set out your folding and other activities will make your laundry time far more enjoyable

Fold Out Ironing Centers

These nifty arrangements fold back into the wall behind an discreet cupboard door when they are not required, leaving room in your laundry for other activities, whilst ensuring your ironing board is always ready to go at short notice

Built In and Stacked Appliances

Building in your washer and dryer makes your laundry look sleek and tidy. When designing your laundry consider whether your washing machine will be top or front loading, and whether your dryer will require ducting to outside. Under bench appliances can be great for accessing, whilst stacking your appliances vertically preserves floor space in your laundry

Deep Drawers

Drawers are so much easier to access than cupboards, and deep drawers in your laundry are perfect for storing powders, washing liquids, and other laundry accessories

Pull out Laundry Hampers

Hide your dirty washing in an integrated laundry hamper that just looks like another cupboard. Use dividers to help with pre-sorting your washing

Heated Drying Cupboards

Making a well ventilated drying cupboard with a small heater incorporated is a great way to dry your clothes in the winter months. Hanging rods and hooks can be included to make your drying an effortless process

Finally….Plenty of Storage!

Laundry cupboards often end up being the place for storing all the bits and pieces that don’t live anywhere else, as well as the essentials like linen, cleaning products, brooms, mops, vacuums (and sometimes even dads fishing rod and tackle)

In addition to a laundry space, if your home is on a rural or coastal setting, you might like to consider a ‘mudroom’ space. This is the traditional area in farm homes where you can offload your muddy boots, coats and hats, and scrub down before heading inside. If you live by the beach, this s where you can dust of the sand and throw your wet gear straight into the wash.

Tasbuilts own Sheridan display home in Westbury includes a customised laundry fit out, incorporating many of the features listed above. Come and check it out for yourself!


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