Where can I buy comfortable and unique furniture in Tasmania?

New Furniture? Comfortable and luxurious? Unique and beautiful?

Here at Tasbuilt Homes, we know that our houses are the first step to creating a beautiful home – the next step is filling it with furniture and other pieces that make the home comfortable to live in. That’s why we’ve listed some locations where you can purchase furniture that is comfortable, unique, and will make your home a special place.

  1. The Living Room
    The Living Room is a quality furniture store in Tasmania that offers supreme furniture to make your living and lounge room a place you want to stay in. With stores in Launceston and now in Hobart, they offer a wide range of locally-sourced furniture that are designed for pure comfort and a stylish look. Along with their standard ranges that are perfect for achieving a simplistic yet homely look, they also offer premium products that have certain features that can be customised to suit each customer, for example, the fabric and colour. This allows for a product to be designed that is suited to specific tastes, whilst still comfortable. The Living Room also specialises in a special comfort range, offering products that are purely designed for comfort and support of the body but can also compliment many interior styles well.
  2. Begents
    Begents is a home appliances and furniture business that has four stores located across the north of Tasmania. Whilst they offer appliances and bedding, they also offer an extensive range of quality living and bedroom furniture. Begents offers everything from statement chairs to sofa beds. Because of their wide range, it means that, whatever style you’re going for, you will be able to find the perfect pieces that are comfortable and compliment your style well.
  3. Harvey Norman
    Harvey Norman, very much like Begents, is a business that offers far more than just appliances. It is a well-known company that offers a wide variety of furniture for the home. Due to many products being able to be customised, it means that unique products can be purchased that will suit your design and your home perfectly. Harvey Norman also offers a very wide range of furniture that has being specially designed to provide you with the maximum amount of comfort possible. Visit one of their stores to see the options and quality for yourself.
  4. Ashley Furniture
    Ashley Furniture is a small yet high-end furniture store located in Hobart. It offers all the standard furniture products, just with added luxury and style. Along with the premium quality of their products, they offer great services where you can alter products to suit your personal style and desire. Although they may not offer any collections specializing in furniture designed purely for comfort, their products have been designed with such high quality that comfort is guaranteed, and of course uniqueness without fail.
  5. Online Shopping
    While this may mean not being able to physically see and test the products, it is still definitely a viable option, and is a popular option in the changing technological world. Online shopping for unique and comfortable products will create a lot more options to choose from, especially in the way of finding comfortable furniture to suit different needs. And just one more thing, it can be ordered from the comfort of your own home!


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