Winter 2023 is here!!

Time to look after your outdoors!

Let's face it, the winter landscape mostly looks bland in comparison to the many colours and textures in the other seasons. Most plants go dormant when the weather turns cold, leaving a drab palette of brown and grey. However, you can still create a landscape that stands out against the backdrop of the winter season. Here are a few winter landscaping tips to help you this season.

1. Continue Watering

As temperatures drop, continue watering your plants and shrubs. Failing to keep your trees, lawns and shrubs hydrated over winter can increase susceptibility to diseases.

2. Cover thinly barked trees

To prevent frost and sun scalding in winter, put a light–coloured wrapping around trees with thin bark in sunny areas.

3. Fertilise Lawns

Remember to fertilise your lawns before the first frost. This can help to grow green grass during spring. Can also help minimise the work involved in fertilization at the beginning of spring.

4. Mulch your garden

Mulch is a natural insulator that can protect your plants from frost. Leaves that have been raked up can be used as mulch instead of buying more.

5. Prune your trees

During Autumn time it's easy to spot damaged or dead branches. It’s important to remove these branches before spring comes.

6. Plant some winter blooms

There are some truly delightful options when it comes to winter blooms.

Hellebores are a classic and look perfect in the border, with their shades of cream, blush, pink and green. Cyclamen, violas, and winter irises are other good choices. And don't forget about witch hazel, one of the best plants for winter colour.

And then there are early spring bulbs, such as snowdrops and winter irises, that add a splash of vibrancy before the daffodils and hyacinths emerge. A carefully planned landscape can be colourful all year round if done correctly.

7. Add ambience with lights

Outdoor lighting can add depth and interest to a winter garden, especially as the evenings draw in. Opt for wall lights to illuminate the exterior of your home, or recessed spotlights in paving, decking, or steps, for a sleek and practical feature. You could also install uplights beneath trees to show off their skeletal winter forms… turn your landscape into a twinkly winter wonderland!

Winter is certainly here in Tasmania, and it’s a time we’d rather be indoors, but by giving your garden some TLC you can create a winter oasis!


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