Open Plan Living Vs Separate Rooms…

One of the big questions you will need to tackle when you design your home is whether open plan living, separate rooms or a combination of the two is best for you. Each different style has its own advantages and helps establish the feel of your home. These points will help you decide which type of home plan suits your needs best…

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If you have a young family, an open plan design can make things a litter easier- having line of sight from one room to another means you can keep an eye on your little ones, gives you peace of mind and allows you to do your other work. However, if you have teenagers in the house, they may prefer privacy which separate rooms can offer. If you want to end the morning rush, considering a floorplan with two bathrooms, a family bath and an ensuite will be a great idea!

Guests & Visitors

Open plan living can give you ample space for entertainment, adding a more communal feel to the home. Having an open kitchen spreading to living area caries great benefits for your family’s social life, introducing unity not only to the spatial arrangement but into your lives. On the flip side, if you often host overnight guests, it’s always nice to have a cosy lounge room for evenings, a dining area for mornings and mealtimes, and bedrooms that are located away from each other - gives you a little more privacy, as well as reduces noise throughout the home.

Style & Design

Open plan designs are often linked with a more modern style, creating bright and flowing areas. It can make your interior design choices a little more difficult – as with connected areas you want a sense of consistency means that furnishing in all living, kitchen and dining areas needs coordinate with one another. Separate rooms allow you to give each space its own feel and can be radically different from one another to the contrary. This style will let home gyms or toy rooms be tucked away, helping to keep other rooms free of clutter

Whether you prefer large, bright communal areas, cosy, private separate ones, or a combination of both, Tasbuilt has a design for you! You can customise your home any way you want, so that your home suits you and your lifestyle perfectly!

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