UPDATE: Accommodation units at Naracoopa, King Island

Two units were transported from Tasbuilt site at Westbury to Bell Bay and were loaded onto a ship headed for Naracoopa, King Island. . .

Today two prefabricated units left the Tasbuilt site at Westbury. However, these units weren’t transported the usual way, they were taken to Bell Bay on the back of two trucks which were loaded onto a ship headed for Naracoopa, King Island!

The two units have been in the making at the Tasbuilt site for two months now. They left the Tasbuilt site with all floor coverings down and kitchens & bathrooms fully installed, eliminating those dreaded hassles for the owners. When the units arrive on site they will be mounted on already completed footings, streamlining the building process.

Tasbuilt Homes are proud to have been selected to construct these holiday accommodation units at Naracoopa, King Island. Tasbuilt has worked consistently alongside the owners - from the designing of the units to arranging transport for the smallest of things such as furniture for the units. This way, Tasbuilt has managed to make the dreams of the King Island Holiday Park owners come true!

Watch this space! We will keep you posted as to the development of the King Island Holiday Park!


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