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Tasbuilt are proud to introduce you to - Insulation Supplies Tasmania - one of our great team of suppliers!

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Tell us a little bit about Insulation Supplies Tasmania and the products you offer?

Insulation Supplies Tasmania is a supplier to the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. The business originated in 2003, starting with 2 employees, providing service to local builders in the Devonport region primarily. Today Insulation Supplies Tasmania is a statewide business employing 4 people. We undoubtedly now are the biggest supply company in the state. We service all areas in the North and South. We are fully registered and hold all the relevant accreditation and continue to be members of the MBA. Our range of products covers all aspects of insulation and energy efficiency products, thermal and acoustic. We only use Australian Made products which conform to Australian standards and the BCA requirements.

What is your top piece of advice for a client selecting insulation for their new home?

Our best advice is to beef up the insulation as best as possible. Insulation works all year round summer and winter and is so insignificant in cost. It represents a tenth of 1% of the average build cost. Also ensure the insulation is installed correctly.

What are the most interesting trends you have observed over the last little while in the building industry?

There is definitely much more awareness surrounding energy efficiency in home. Consumers have access to greater information regarding this and are wanting it. For a builder it's an easy sell to upsize the insulation.

The footprint of modern homes is changing and so the insulation needs to keep pace with this. The shift to permeable house wraps, acoustic insulation, foil blankets under roof and combating condensation are just a few of the changes happening in our industry.

What are your top 3 picks for 2022/2023 from the range of products you offer?

2023 will be a carry on from previous years, in terms the most popular insulation batt;

  • R5.0 ceiling Batts
  • R2.5 External walls Batts
  • Permeable house wraps
  • Foil Blankets

In 2023 there may be a push to increase overall energy Ratings in the BCA

Tasbuilt is proudly Tasmanian, so we have to ask – what do you love about living and working in Tasmania?

Tasmania is a great place to live and work because it allows for both in a relaxed environment. It's great for families and place that for years has been punching above its weight, but is now duly receiving recognition for the beauty it is.

We are proud to be working closely with a Tasmania owned and based business in Tasbuilt Homes. The relationship is seamless.

Where can our clients learn more about Insulation Supplies Tasmania?

Insulation Supplies Tasmania has a facebook site, we can be contacted by email, or phone and all the products that we use can be found at We regularly provide free public advice and attend MBA forums to share the information and educate the builders about latest trends and expectations.


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