Why Transportable Homes Are A Great Housing Option

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The decision to build a new home is one of the toughest you will ever have to make. There are a number of housing options available to you that you have to carefully consider before coming to a conclusion. Aside from the cost, one of your biggest decisions is whether to have the house built on-site, or whether to opt for a transportable home produced off-site.

This is a list of the numerous advantages and benefits that make our modular or transportable homes increasingly popular options.

1. Fast construction

The construction process can be completed in about 12 weeks on average, which is a much shorter time compared to building a home on-site which takes a year or more. All the work is done indoors, away from various external factors that may disrupt the construction. Since the environment is more controlled, delays and other problems can be avoided; paving the way for early completion. If you need to move in quickly, a home built off-site and transported to your location is one of the fastest options available.

2. Structurally stronger

Although these buildings are constructed within a short time, they are built strong. They are designed to withstand changing weather conditions, movements and other environmental factors that they can get exposed to. These structures are typically made with steel, wood, vinyl and other materials that are not easily damaged during transportation. They are effectively reinforced for additional damage protection.

3. Environmentally friendly

Unlike building a house on-site, placing a new transportable home has minimal impact on the flora and fauna in the area. Since the construction is done off-site, the collection and disposal of waste materials can be properly controlled and monitored. This type of housing also gives you the option to use solar heating, which helps reduce damaging effects on the environment.

4. Cost-effective

Transportable, or modular homes cost less than traditional, site-built ones. Some of the cost savings comes from bulk-purchased materials, allowing for measurable supplier discounts. As experienced builders we'll provide a detailed proposal of the building with no hidden costs. Easier, on-site construction me means all of our buildings are well insulated; allowing for significant savings on heating and cooling.

5. Easier to customise

There is a range of standard designs for you to choose from when planning to use this housing option. In many cases, however, the design can be customised to suit your budget and needs. You can choose the materials to use and tailor the building to match your lifestyle.

6. Easy to relocate

If needed, Tasbult homes can be transported from one location to another, so that if there comes a time when you need to move to another area you don’t have to worry about selling the house or leaving a significant investment behind.

Now that you know the advantages of our homes, come visit one of our display homes to see the quality for yourself. Sign up with us and get your dream home in just a matter of 90 days. Contact us or book an appointment today!


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