It’s going to be a bright, bright sunshiny day… !!

Have a look at this fun at heart, bright home our clients have created, & our tips on how to create a colour haven of your own!!

Not for the faint hearted or unadventurous - our client threw an amazingly bright colour pallet at this East Coast version of our Hardwicke home.

The result is a stunning coastal home that is oozing with fun, vibrancy and energy!

The bright fresh bathrooms, spacious living area and galley kitchen, the huge stacking glass doors and massive deck all create a statement of wow!!

Here are our tips on how you to can create a bright, full of fun home bursting with colour!

Tip #1

Use the right colour for the space. If you want a calm retreat opt for a softer palette.

Tip #2

If you are nervous about using colour, start by introducing brightly coloured soft furnishings or foliage into your home – take your time, its not a race! Experiment until you are happy with what you are achieving

Tip #3

Cushions and textiles are a great way to start on your ‘colour journey’ – and of course, they can be moved or removed if the look you want doesn’t work out

Tip #4

If you are painting walls – start with a test patch and watch what happens with different lighting etc.

Tip #5

Bright and vibrant artwork is also a great way to inject personality and colour into a space

Tip #6

Colour requires commitment – creating a burst of colour in one room may make the others feel disjointed - try to thread the theme through the home to avoid this


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