What would you include if building a new house?

Custom designed homes are a specialty at Tasbuilt. After designing hundreds of different homes for clients we thought we would take some time to reflect on the features we have loved most over the years, that we would absolutely recommend considering in your new home design.

Raking or Higher Than Standard Ceilings

No matter how large or small your home is, elevating your ceiling height never fails to provide an air of welcome and friendliness. We love the extra feature that a raking ceiling offers

Highlight Windows

The perfect partner to a raking ceiling, highlight windows ensure your space is filled with light from all directions. Correctly placed, highlight windows can transform an ‘average’ area into a striking feature-filled room

Natural Colourings

Timber and stone textures gives warmth and an added feel of luxury wherever you use them in your home. Finishes like polished concrete tiles, timber benchtops, plank flooring, and varnished plywood feature walls are just some of the options available

Stepless Showers

Minimalist shower designs are not just practical and easy to clean – they look great as well. Originally used mainly for ease of access, a well designed stepless shower declutters your bathroom and creates a sleek and refined atmosphere

Island Bench in the Kitchen

While not every kitchen is a galley kitchen, we do love the convenience of an island bench. With access from all sides the island bench quickly becomes the hub of a modern home. The functions of an island bench can range from a social space to catch up on the latest ‘goss’, a home-work zone for the kids, much needed work space for your culinary fare, and a space to pull up a stool and enjoy your mealtimes

Lots of Light

We love bright homes, with big windows and glass doors, and lots of them. There are so many window options to choose from to complement the style of your home. Well placed glazing can save you on your power bills as well, by reducing your need for additional lighting and heating


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