Tasbuilt Homes interview James Wilson from Field Labs..

Learn more about the architect of our new Mod2 range...

Good Afternoon James. To start off, could you give us a brief outline of who you are and where you come from?

My name is James Wilson and I am an architect. I have got my own company; it has been running for about three years called from Field Labs. So, we are based out of Hobart, work in the city and then live in the country down in the Huon Valley.

What is some of your favorite things to do in Tasmania and places to visit?

For me I love the mountains and the coasts. I think being able to go up the East Coast in summer that kind of thing is fantastic. Bush walking, swimming in rivers, swimming at the beaches, all that kind of stuff. I think we live in a pretty amazing spot if we can get out and enjoy it then that’s one of the highlights for living in Tassie for me.

You have been in the industry a long time and you are a well-respected architect. What are your three favourite materials to work with in design?

My three favorite materials for designing a new home would be timber, steel, and glass. I think they are both, well they are all versatile, you can have timber cladding, steel cladding, and you can use it for framing, to create spaces, and then you can use it for specialty finishes, joinery as well. And then I think glass is important, I think you know, bringing in the light into the house, you can capture the views, you can create privacy when you need it from your neighbours.

What are some of your insights that you have seen in the pre-fabricated construction space over time?

I mean for me it is a really interesting area because you have to be clever with how you use the space. There are some restrictions in terms of what you can transport but that means you are kind of getting a bit of a challenge, but also gives you a bit of a impetus to actually design a bit smarter, use a space more effectively and that kind of thing. Also really like the economy and the flexibility involved, so in terms of timeframes, the customization, that kind of kit apart so you can kind of put together, and then for the other big thing for me is then the time you are saving on site. Getting prefabricated off site, there is no weather delays or anything like that, it gets delivered when you want it to be.

James, if you had to pick a favorite design out of the five Mod 2 plans, which one would it be and why is that?

Look my favorite would probably be this one, the Evolve. For me, I really like the big generous open plan living areas, I really like the configuration of the decks and how they create a sheltered courtyard as well and then how there is the two wings. So you get a bit of privacy in terms of the bedroom wing, then all the living area is on one side. I think for me it becomes quite a flexible plan, it could work on many different sites, and you orientate it to different views, I think it would be a great little house.

What’s one top piece of advice as an architect you’d give to someone that’s starting out in designing their own home?

Look for me, I think it is really important probably just to take the time and make sure you get the fundamentals right. I think you have got to look at the plan and think about how it is going to suit your lifestyle. Think about your daily routines, how they are going to work, think of how you might entertain, all those kinds of things. So, you kind of want to get that right, and from there everything should fall into place pretty well.

Thanks very much for your time today James. It has been very interesting and very enlightening. Our clients can learn a bit more about you at www.fieldlabs.com.au.


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