Supplier Profile - The Roofing Centre

Tasbuilt's "Supplier Of Choice" for all things roofing!


Tasbuilts’ network of Tasmanian and interstate suppliers are a core component in our award winning customer service offering.

At Tasbuilt, we understand that great relationships rely on a win-win solution.

Tasbuilt works tirelessly to build relationships with quality suppliers to ensure we can provide our clients with the finest homes, using first class materials at competitive prices.

One such supplier is The Roofing Centre. The Roofing Centre Tasmania Pty Ltd is a long established business with a wealth of experience in providing commercial, residential and industrial roofing solutions for Tasmania.

The Roofing Centre Tasmania Pty Ltd became a fully owned subsidiary of BlueScope in March 2004, and was further strengthened by uniting with the Tasmanian Lysaght business.

Via BlueScope and Lysaght, The Roofing Centre Pty Ltd not only offer a complete range of metal roofing products, but a selection of Steel Fencing, Home Improvements, Commercial and Structural Steel products.

To learn more about The Roofing Centre you can visit their website Roofing Centre Tas


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