Supplier Profile - Reece

Tasbuilt are proud to introduce you to - Reece - one of our great team of suppliers!

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Tell us a little bit about Reece and the products you offer?

Reece began in 1919 when Harold Joseph Reece commenced selling hardware products from the back of his truck. Today, we operate Australia’s largest plumbing and bathroom supplies business, as well as 8 others in allied industries. Our plumbing and bathroom products are sourced both locally and internationally which you can find in over 600 locations across Australia. Our products range from sinks, mixers, taps and toilets to ducted heat pump units, pretty much everything that goes into a home or commercial build. Our specialty branches such as Plumbing, Civil, HVAC and Irrigation & Pools can provide a complete service from below the ground up.

What is your top piece of advice for a client selecting plumbing fixtures for their new home?

If I could offer one piece of advice it would be to make sure you try and stick with the one brand if possible; that way it is all matching!

What are the most interesting trends you have observed over the last little while in the building industry?

The most interesting trend currently is the popularity of colour tapware options such as Matte Black or Brushed Nickel. There are some great options out there to make sure your bathroom or kitchen stands out!

What are your top 3 picks for 2020/2021 from the range of products you offer?

  • First pick would be the Mizu Range of tapware. We constantly update, improve and expand the range on offer, including a great colour range.
  • Second pick would be the new rimless toilets out on the market, like the Posh Domaine Rimless Toilet Suite. Far easier to clean, and more water efficient for the customer.
  • Last pick would be the addition to our Thermann Brand Hot Water, like the 50L Commercial Gas unit and the Performance Pack Hot Water unit. These can provide far superior hot water delivery when required, and the 50L is the biggest unit on the market.

Tasbuilt is proudly Tasmanian, so we have to ask – what do you love about living and working in Tasmania?

Best thing about living and working in Tasmania? That’s an easy one; the people!! Being a mainlander who previously lived on the apple aisle, It was an easy decision to make the move back here when the opportunity arose. Tasmanians are always willing to help and go the extra mile 😊

Where can our clients learn more about Reece?

You can find out more about Reece through our website , or come see us at 299 Wellington St South Launceston 😊 No matter where you are there is a reece store close to you.


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