Modern Bathroom Ideas

3 key modern ideas to a truly unique bathroom

Bathrooms are spaces that are essential to all houses, and for some people, a place of relaxation and refuge. These modern ideas and innovations will help you to personalize your bathroom and make it a truly unique space.

Floating Vanities

Having a floating vanity unit adds a minimalist look to the bathroom and is a space-saving, seamless feature. Int the case of a small, pokey bathroom, it is the ideal solution to keep the floor space uncluttered and clean.

Biophilic Designs

Adding greenery to your bathroom can enhance the freshness and wellness of the room, add pops of colour, and creates a connection between nature and the bathroom. Either add some sort of potted plant to your vanity or be creative and plant a small garden in your bathroom or create a greenery wall.

Heated Flooring

During the cooler times of the year, cold bathroom floors can be harsh on the feet. Due to this, cold floors can decrease the comfort and feel of the bathroom. With floor heating, it not only creates a warm floor that is kind on the feet, but increases the comfort, and reduces the noise levels.

With these three modern ideas for your bathroom, your bathroom can transform from a cold, dark room with little appeal to a warm and colourful room that has the potential to provide you with a place of refuge and relaxation.


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