How much do portable homes cost?

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2 Cream Weatherboard Home with Wrap-around Verandah
1 Contemporary Design
2 Beautiful Modular Country Home in Northern Tasmania
1 Modular Home, Tasmania

A Tasbuilt Home is different to what many would classify as a portable home.
A Tasbuilt Home is a fully custom designed home, built to meet and exceed the same standards as a site built home, but prefabricated offsite as a means of streamlining the construction process. Once a Tasbuilt Home is completed onsite, it is not normally envisaged that it would be relocated to another site, although the steel base frame and extensive bracing does make it slightly easier to do so than with a conventionally constructed home which is not designed to withstand the relocation process

The cost of a portable home depends on the type of portable home you are considering. Basic portable homes that are designed for temporary accommodation only and can be moved from site to site tend to be constructed from cheaper materials and therefore cost less. Costs of a custom built prefabricated home such as a Tasbuilt Home will range depending on the size of the home and the level of customisation included. As a guide, a regular sized three bedroom home with ensuite will usually range in price somewhere between $300,000 - $400,000. However, being a customised process means this can vary depending on site conditions, design of your home, and many other factors. Tabuilt offers a detailed fixed price proposal to assist with finalising your design and budgeting for the build of your new home.

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