Tasmanian investment opportunities are huge!

A scramble from investors to secure their piece of Tasmania's property market is proving a winning streak for builders like Tasbuilt Homes.

Skyrocketing prices in the larger mainland cities, such as Sydney and Melbourne has savvy investors and those seeking to live 'The Australian Family Dream' looking to the island state for a better option, and this trend is likely to continue in the foreseeable future.

Presently across Tasmania, one in five property deals are sold for investment purposes.

All this is happening on the back of an improving economy. Tasmania’s population growth is the fastest in five years, It appears young people are beginning to return to Tasmania, with housing affordability boosting the population and driving economic growth. Commsec chief economist Craig James is positive about where Tasmania is heading. "More people are coming to the state and fewer are leaving which creates growth in terms of housing finance and the job market — so it provides momentum to the economy," Mr James said.

With Tasbuilt's unique building system and the added security of a home being built in a controlled factory environment, Tasbuilt are enjoying their own slice of the pie, with mainlanders purchasing their homes and having them constructed while they finalise their relocation, moving down just in time to see their beautiful new home craned onto their site, and moving into their very own piece of Tasmanian paradise a short few weeks later.

So thinking of investing? Try Tasmania, it’s one of the most affordable places to live in Australia - a beautiful island state, rich in history and breathtaking beauty, and currently an investors hot-spot to boot!


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