Ways to keep your house kid friendly....and stylish at the same time

Despairing at the kid chaos?!...Let Tasbuilt help you out with some helpful hints...

Got kids?....and think that means the hazy days of being house proud have disappeared over a horizon of vegemite fingers and rusk smeared cushions….?? Think again – Tasbuilt are here to tell you it can be done!

Furniture that can withstand a two year old!! …Tuff stuff, in other words!!

Talk about a paradox, but its worth paying a bit more for your furniture when the kids arrive! Well-constructed couches, tables, chairs etc made of robust materials will sustain the rigorous use of family life, offering you better value for money in the long run.

The idea of a cheap fix until the little darlings leave the nest, then intending to purchase that Versace chair is rarely followed through…the years rush on, don’t they??

A nice couch with removable cushion covers for easy washing and dry-cleaning is always a good investment…as is spare dining room chair covers that can be rotated while some are in the wash…who spilt that coke?!?!

Rustic furniture better withstands the battering over the years. In fact a bit of brutalising just enhances their character, so you can relax about daily wear and tear!

Material Comforts – keep those cushions looking brand new!!

Timber is very low-maintenance and easy to clean, but every room needs some softer finishes like fabric for warmth and comfort.

Leather is hard-wearing but, can be cold on little bare legs… a heavy-duty upholstery fabric will perform just as well as leather and give a softer, ‘cosier’ feel of woven fabrics. When deciding on a colour, choose a shade with a rich texture featuring a blend of colours to camouflage the stains and crumbs and spills and….!!

Outdoor fabrics have come a long way from their original plain, stiff nature and are now commonly known as ‘indoor/outdoor’ so as not to preclude their suitability for indoors. They are also no longer limited to plains and deck-chair stripes, but now include everything from animal prints to botanicals and geometrics.

Lighting that lasts

Table lamps can be a draw card for very young children, but easy to knock over and break as well. But don’t despair, you can bring some style into even the plainest of rooms just by having bold, feature overhead lighting. An upholstered drum shade in a vibrant fabric that draws on all the colours of the room can transform your room, as can a funky pendant or a delicate chandelier.

Shelf ware v table top

Keep decor off table tops and instead use floating shelves up high to showcase photo frames, books, flowers, and delicate ornaments….out of reach of inquisitive fingers and drooling teethers..

Flooring for little feet

Whether you have tiles, floorboards, polished concrete or carpet, rugs are cosy underfoot and will protect your floor coverings in high-traffic areas by catching stains and spills.

Look for a rug with a dense cut-pile so that spills and dirt remain on surface of the fibres where they can be easily swept or wiped away, rather than penetrating down to the base.

Chaos that doesn’t look like chaos

In the frantic state of your home throughout those busy years of pattering feet, don’t be afraid to make a stylish feature out an organisational tool such as a calendar, meal planner or pin-board. It will make you more in control and if cleverly styled can pass for a stylish print rather than the weeks to-do list.

Accessorise like a pro!

A family-friendly home is about having shared spaces which reflect the variety of personalities that use the space….so don’t think the kids are just going to take over! Mix in a few fun and youthful elements amongst your grown-up furnishings and indulge in some splashes of colour. Keep it fun and welcoming for all ages and demographics.


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