Destination Focus - Flinders Island

The perfect holiday island to escape to for peace and quiet and breathtaking scenery! ... hear from one of our team who recently travelled there..

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Flinders Island is located northeast of Tasmania and offers the ultimate escape with peace and quiet, natural beauty and plenty of local attractions. It is an island home to some great produce including meats, seafoods, fruit and vegetable and wine. Flinders Island is the ideal location to escape for the perfect holiday! An ideal location for an Airbnb, accommodation unit or your new holiday home!

One of our employees took a trip to Flinders recently and has shared some of her experiences.

I recently visited Finders Island. It is an amazingly scenic place full of wildlife. Despite some wet weather we got out and explored most of the island and ran into quite a few wombats along the way! A stand out place for me was Trousers Point, part of Strzelecki National park. The beach and unique rock formations were pretty impressive. I highly recommend making the trip over if you haven’t been.

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