Inspiration for the Perfect Bathroom

Inspiration and ideas for a stunning and stylish bathroom!

Bathroom trends are ever evolving and changing, and it’s fascinating to see what they’ve been, where they are now, and we’re they’re going to go in the future. We understand that a bathroom is a space that you need to feel comfortable in – it needs to be an inviting and warm space.

Finding the bathroom style that’s perfect for you can be hard, so we’ve gathered some shots of some of our favourite, most recent bathroom designs and explained them, so you can get a taste of what’s on trend.

Inspiration 1 – Crisp and Clean

…with a touch of luxury. This bathroom is all about light and space, and we love it! Featuring a large, tiled bath centered underneath the window, this masterpiece is the first thing you see when you enter the room. And everything else just centers around that, including matte marble tiles, freestanding timber vanity, and for a pop of colour, the sea green vanity splashback tiles. So, if you’re seeking a cool and crisp bathroom with the added luxury of space, this one is for you.

Bathroom Inspiration
Bathroom 1 2
Bathroom 1 3
Bathroom 1 4

Inspiration 2 – Dark and Moody

For a darker and inviting bathroom with pops of character, this is for those wanting to create a peaceful room. The tiled walls set the tone of the space, perfectly complimenting the darker colours. Creating the perfect contrast and adding light to the room is the statement bathtub. This big pop of white along with other white statements make the room that little bit lighter. And we can’t forget the black tapware for added class.

Bathroom 2 1
Bathroom 2 2
Bathroom 2 3
Bathroom 2 4 - 1

Inspiration 3 – Classic and Stylish

These bathrooms are perfect for those wanting something that little bit more classic but with those modern touches. Standing out from the black and white, and for a modern touch is the matte gold tapware. Dotted throughout the bathrooms, these pops of gold take the bathroom to another level, and perfectly compliment the timber vanity. The white subway tiles with black grout have been reversed in the tiled niches, with black tiles and white grout. This detailed feature adds another dimension to the bathrooms, and we love it – who knew something so simple could have such a big impact!

Bathroom 3 1
Bathroom 3 2
Bathroom 3 3

We know that there are so many more bathroom styles and trends out there, but these are just three of our client’s choices that we love. We hope that you found something in here that you love, and can add to your ideal bathroom.


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