Tips for designing the perfect holiday accommodation

And what better location for it than our wonderful holiday isle..


Have you ever dreamt of having your own holiday haven away from home, or looking for a little extra source of income?...Designing your perfect holiday accommodation with Tasbuilt Homes just might be the answer!

Many people view a holiday home as somewhere they can enjoy an extended period of leisure and recreation; while others see it as an opportunity to obtain an extra source of income. For whatever reason, it’s crucial to create a holiday home that is not only accommodating, but a place you want to go back to!


The right location is key to the success of your holiday home, away from the bustle of everyday life! Purchasing an affordable section of land is number one, while taking into consideration the view and natural beauty around. Just imagine sitting in front of the fire, looking out over the water with the sun set beyond! None of us like to get bored on holidays, so make sure there is access to popular activities such as boating, fishing, bike riding or even a place to dine out for those who like to indulge!

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Before you can start looking at house plans, first you need to assess your lifestyle, wants and needs. Make a list of things you would want in your holiday home, and a good way to do this is by assessing the house you live in now. On your holiday will you be taking a large family, and need a little extra room? Are you someone who loves to have that extra storage to keep the place neat and tidy? Or maybe you love a spacious open plan, allowing you to entertain family and friends, while still having your own personal space. Also don’t forget the outside Alfresco to enjoy those warm summer nights!

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Exterior Design:

First impression is everything. The concept of a good-looking exterior is both being unique and blending in. You want a holiday home that is one of a kind, but not one that looks like it doesn’t belong in the neighbourhood! Number one is carefully select the material for your exterior, keeping in mind what style you are trying to achieve. For example, if you are aiming for a more modern look, you might choose materials such as render or vertical cladding etc. Also look for materials to use in your entryway that will make it shine! When you are approaching the entry of your new holiday home, you want yourself, family or potential renters to be impressed. There is a variety of things that can bring life to your entryway, such as door knobs, rugs, a great looking porch, plants and good lighting. Planting seasonal flowers in your garden is also a great way to liven up your holiday home, with each season adding its own touch!

Interior Design:

Interior design plays an important role in the overall result of your holiday home, as we tend to spend most our time indoors…so you want to like what we see!

First of all, your surroundings and location are ultimately the most important factors to consider. For example, if you choose to build your holiday home in the snowy peaks, you could consider using lots of texture, fur and knits; while a holiday home near the beach would suit light pieces of furniture and ‘coastal’ colours such as blue and green. Choosing furniture for your holiday home needs to look good, but also needs to be considered from a practical point. How many people could potentially stay in your holiday home at one time? This will determine the proportion of seating to have in your lounge and dining areas, plus the number of beds to accommodate. Lighting is also important to styling your holiday home — good lighting is everything. Did you know that by being in a well-lit, light and bright space, it can lift your mood and give you a more positive outlook and thoughts? Which is exactly the type of lifestyle you need whilst holidaying!


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