Another New Home Delivered - All in a nights work!

Get a glimpse of what goes into a complex modular home delivery…

Duhig Transport 1
Duhig Transport 5
Duhig Transport 3
Duhig Transport 4

And just like that, there’s another Australian Dream Home delivered and secured on site.

Making the 220 kilometer journey from our Westbury factory to the snug site in South Hobart, it was a tough transport and delivery for the experienced team, but as usual, they pulled it off like it was just a walk in the park.

The home may have been only one module, but the difficult location meant that it was no small job to get the home delivered on time and on point. So, what exactly was involved?

Big Machines
As with every other modular home delivery we do, a large truck is needed to get the home to where it needs to go. And of course, a crane is vital, to carefully and precisely take the home from the back of the truck to the piers on site. And not to mention the many utes and trucks carrying the masterminds and equipment that make the job happen.

Road Closures
When it’s a busy street like this one, it means that a road closure is required to make sure of minimal disruption to the surrounding public. The crew had to work with speed to ensure the job was finished as quickly as possible to ensure as short as possible road closure. As always, they worked like a well-oiled machine to achieve a magnificent result in a magnificent time!

Night Hours
With an operation as big as this, and in an area as busy as this, traffic and disruption was always going to a problem. The best option to ensure the best result for everyone was to work through the night. The team stretched it out and worked through the night to get this home delivered while the rest of the world was sleeping. To do this, the house made the journey down south in the early afternoon. By the time it arrived, they didn’t have to wait long before dark had arrived, and the craning could begin.

All this hard work leads to perfect homes delivered on perfect time and to perfect quality – that’s just what the Tasbuilt team does! Thankyou for the wonderful team that pulled this project off, and to the neighbours that endured the noise and activity why they were winding down.


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