Prebuilt Homes becoming ‘trend’ for coastal towns

As reported by the Examiner - Thursday 8th August 2013

It would appear that prebuilt homes and coastal townships are growing hand-in-hand.

Yesterday, Westbury company Tasbuilt Homes delivered a rather large package to Bell Buoy Beach, near George Town.

On two trucks- complete with a posse of transport inspectors and support vehicles- the company delivered a two-section, prebuilt home to the small seaside town.

Company consultant Ben Trimmer said it was one of the largest deliveries the company had done.

It was also the second for the area in six weeks.

“We think that’s really positive news; we’re seeing some really positive growth,” Mr Trimmer said.
“Bell Buoy Beach is where it’s mainly holiday homes, and we’re seeing a lot of middle-aged people looking for a lifestyle change.
“The company has definitely seen a growth since three years ago- it’s becoming a more popular way to build.”

Tasbuilt Homes will celebrate its 10th year of operation this year.


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