Low cost decorating ideas for your home

Make use of mittens missing their pair. Cut felt to fit the backing of the frame, then use craft glue to adhere the felt. Center the mitten on the felt and glue it down; let dry overnight.

Go Natural

Use shells and other beach bounty to warm up a kitchen, an entryway, or a stairwell by creating a rustic, relaxed display.

Hang a Gallery of Photos

Mine your albums for your best shots (pick a theme: weddings, birthday parties, vacations) and put them in identical frames. Hang in a tight grid or a long line—you can't go wrong if you stick to a geometric arrangement.

Reflect Your Style

Define a space— a foyer—with a mirror that adds both drama and light.

Stack Your Books

Piled books draw the eye. If shelves aren't high enough or deep enough to accommodate oversize books, stack them on a flat surface, such as a bench or an end table.

Pump Up the Color

Perk up a dull room with vibrant hits of a color like green. Starting with the big burst in a rug, even something as subtle as green blossoms can add pop.

Showcase a Collection

In the months when your fireplace goes unlit, use it to display a collection of vases or other objects.

Amplify Your Space

Tight spaces expand and rooms seem roomier when you prop up a large mirror (at least three-fourths as tall as the wall). It's a classic interior decorator's trick to create instant―if not real―square footage.


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