Which Month Is Best To Construct A House?

It’s one of life’s biggest decisions, make sure you get the timing right!

When you finally decide that building is your way forward, one hundred (and counting) different questions will race through your head, including “when is the best time to for this life-changing project?”

Getting the timing right is important for so many factors – your finances, minimalising delays, move-in dates to coincide with job and school starts… and so many more!

Weather is obviously a big contributing factor for a conventional build, but the good news is if you’re building with Tasbuilt your home will be 80% constructed in our factory before trucked to site, so this takes a lot of the climate factor out of it!

That said, it’s important to note some remote locations in Tasmanian can be very dark and damp over the winter months, with areas like the Central Highlands being snow covered which can be very restrictive as far as trucks with massive tonnages on them are concerned!

Of course, mother nature doesn’t always follow plans and there will be days of poor weather regardless of when you start your build. An average home build takes between six and twelve months depending on a range of factors including complexity and size of build, availability of supplies and issues encountered along the way.

March is generally a popular time to start a home build in Tasmania. The hot summer days (we do have them, believe me!) have lost their bite as autumn’s softer and cooler climate take hold meaning trades won’t have to battle stifling heat as the build gets started. March builds will also mean you should have the keys to your new home by Christmas time depending on everything going to plan… and a new year start in a new home!

Building your dream can come with some headaches, but we love making building a ‘hassle-free’ option. With some forward planning and research on your part, you can plan the perfect time and enjoy the benefits of a beautiful new home!

We’re always happy to help with planning and offer a free of charge site inspection to give you some help and ideas with building orientation etc. Give us a call today on 1800 639 310, and start the perfect build in the perfect time frame!


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