1 month to go to be in the running for a new Mazda 3!

There is still time… to ‘Complete the Dream!’

Dave Groves Dave Groves Photography Tasbuilt Richmond 00001 With Tasbuilt Homes Mazda

This year Tasbuilt Homes are giving away a brand new Mazda 3 to one lucky winner. To be eligible to be included in the draw you need to have signed a non-conditional contract with Tasbuilt Homes before the day of the draw, which will be held on 5th December 2020. What better way to complete your dream home than with a brand new car to park alongside it!

Those already eligible for the draw will soon start receiving their invites to attend the event. If you have signed a contract with Tasbuilt already this year watch out for your invite to arrive in your inbox shortly.

If you are planning on getting underway with a new home soon, this could be the opportunity for you! For more information on this exciting promotion, contact the Tasbuilt team directly.

Remember – you have to be in it to win it!!


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