1 month to go to be in the running for a new Mazda 3!

There is still time… to ‘Complete the Dream!’

Dave Groves Dave Groves Photography Tasbuilt Richmond 00001 With Tasbuilt Homes Mazda

This year Tasbuilt Homes are giving away a brand new Mazda 3 to one lucky winner. To be eligible to be included in the draw you need to have signed a non-conditional contract with Tasbuilt Homes before the day of the draw, which will be held on 5th December 2020. What better way to complete your dream home than with a brand new car to park alongside it!

Those already eligible for the draw will soon start receiving their invites to attend the event. If you have signed a contract with Tasbuilt already this year watch out for your invite to arrive in your inbox shortly.

If you are planning on getting underway with a new home soon, this could be the opportunity for you! For more information on this exciting promotion, you can view the full details here or contact the Tasbuilt team directly

Remember – you have to be in it to win it!!


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