What is a Butlers Pantry?

These days, a modern kitchen isn’t complete without a Butler’s Pantry. Find out what this handy space can be used for - we know you'll want one!!

For those with the luxury of space, a Butler's Pantry is a must have.

Essentially, it's a small kitchen within your kitchen, they are normally hidden out of sight behind a wall or door. Their main function is to provide space to prepare food and clean up, keeping your main kitchen area clean & organised.

They also provide ample storage for groceries, serving ware and appliances you may not wish to have cluttering up your countertops.

Tasbuilt love customising our customers homes to create the dream they can envisage .... whether it's a butlers pantry, a European laundry, the latest Lazy Susan design - your Tasbuilt kitchen can be everything you imagined and more! Talk to us today about a home that is uniquely yours!!

Size will vary depending on your home and can be as simple as having some shelves and bench space, all the way to having a second sink, dishwasher and walls of storage. Shelves rather than cupboards will maximise storage space in your pantry, creating a functional and practical space.

And don’t think your butler’s pantry can only be functional – add personality with different coloured accessories including cookbooks, vases, bowls, platters, containers and glassware….you’ll find yourself wanting to spend all your time in there!!


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