Product Profile - The Kado Freestanding Bath..

Tasbuilt love to provide luxury - a freestanding bath is the ultimate in decadent indulgence!

Freestanding baths have become increasingly popular in new bathrooms and are often the luxury element that Tasbuilt’s clients have on the top of their list.

With so many stunning designs available in todays everchanging market, the tub often defines the space and becomes a striking stand-out decorative feature of the bathroom. Darker bathrooms are becoming more common and using a black freestanding bath creates an inviting and moody space.

The Kado Lure 1500 Petite Black Freestanding Bath from Reece delivers hotel inspired living to your bathroom space.

We recently installed one of these statement baths in a beautiful home we transported to Orford, on the East Coast of Tasmania.

The smaller length and bold black finish makes it the perfect centrepiece for bathroom, even if space is limited. The Kado epitomises contemporary elegance and sophistication so you can emulate your favourite hotel bathroom at home ..…bath at The Ritz, anyone?



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