Build the Australian Family Dream – 6 easy steps

It’s all about you at Tasbuilt

1. Choosing the home

Have a look at our range of plans to get some ideas. If you find one you like, great! If not, we can build a custom solution for you and your family. If you’d like something unique, give us an overall idea of the home you want, from our range of plans or a design of your own. Include relevant details such as bedrooms, bathrooms, size of living area, and so on. Tell us the style, the roof design, and cladding type you envisage for your new home. Add any major details such as verandahs, carports and garages. With these details, we will produce a comprehensive estimate.

2. Getting started

Now you are ready to take the preliminary steps. Tasbuilt’s comprehensive starter package offers the following features:

Exterior décor choice

Choose the colour of your roof, cladding, trims, windows and so on. We can provide a range of professionally selected colour schemes or an appointment with a consultant to assist you with this process.

Council plans

From your chosen design, plans and specifications are produced to be submitted to your local council. Soil and wind tests will be carried out on your property. We handle all this, so don't worry.

3. Contract stage

A Contract tailored to your home is drawn up, to be signed by both parties. This:

  • States the contract price
  • Sets out the payment plan
  • Confirms your finance details

Once the contract is signed, and the initial deposit paid, we will apply to your local council for approval for your new home. The approval process usually takes between 4-6 weeks.

4. Colour and Décor Selection

Enjoy creating the perfect look and feel for your home, using one of our diverse, professionally selected ranges. Our standard allowance covers most selections. Such as the colour of your walls, ceilings, timberwork, cupboard doors, bench tops, and splash backs. You can also select your curtains, floor coverings, and light fittings, depending on your chosen package.

5. The Construction Process

Now it all becomes reality, and once it starts it moves quickly. During this stage you are welcome to visit at any time and view your home. After the home is delivered to your site, the finishing details are added and the services are connected.

6. The Final Step

It’s over to you. Once all the works are complete, a final inspection will be made by your local council. One of our staff will then meet you at your new home to guide you through and familiarize you with any relevant details, before handing over your keys, certificate of ownership, insurance and warranty information.



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