A guide to...styling your living room

Follow our simple guide for luxury living - the living room is just for that!

A guide to the perfect living room

The living room is where we spend a lot of our time. Its where we relax with our family after a long day in the office. Its where we entertain our guests…

Make it you!

We recommend that you pick a style you love. Pick furniture, colours and fabrics that you truly love. When it is truly you it will always feel a place of comfort and never become an unused room.

Pick a centre piece

Every living room has a centre piece or a focal point that the rest of the room flows on from. It could be a glamorous wall paper, a comforting fireplace, a decorative cushion, or your favourite coffee table.

Make it functional

Make sure you think hard about the layout of your living room. Make it functional so it can be used effectively for every purpose you need it for. Otherwise the room will become unused and you will find it will become a wasted space.

Colour Choice

Pick your colours wisely. If you are a family with kids and pets, we recommend using colours that are easy to maintain and hide the minor scratches! If you’re are after a timeless style choose neutral colours such as greys, whites or creams. Or if you are the one that is wanting to make a statement, be bold and choose bright colours to reflect your energy.

Choose your texture

Everyone picks their favourite colours but a crucial component that is often missed is texture. So, we recommend you mix it up a bit. Choose something smooth, rough or fuzzy. Depending on the style you’re after, you could lighten up your room with some natural textures such as rugs and floor boards or a more industrial look such as exposed bricks.

The final touches

So, you have picked your style, chosen your centre piece, selected your favourite colour and added in some texture. Now its time to add some decorations for the finishing touches.

Once you have arranged your living room in a functional way, choose some of your favourite ornaments to display in your room. Maybe a small plant to add a natural touch or maybe a cushion to add a touch of comfort.


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